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Why have private health insurance in Spain?


Even those who have public health insurance in Spain most often draw up a private one in addition.


For what ?


  (1) SAVE TIME: make an appointment with a doctor and conduct the necessary medical examinations when it is convenient.



  (2) FREEDOM OF CHOICE: You choose the doctor, specialist, medical center or hospital you want to go to.



  (3) DIRECT ACCESS TO SPECIALISTS: You can make an appointment with a specialist directly without going to your family doctor. Cardiologist, dermatologist, allergist ..



  (4) ACCESS TO MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS: You will have immediate access to all the diagnostic tests, investigations and therapeutics you need.



  (5) PRIVACY: In case of hospitalization, you will have an exclusive room for you and your companion with a private bathroom, so you will feel more comfortable, like at home.



  (6) ASSISTANCE ABROAD: you will feel protected on all trips, as in case of illness or accident outside of Spain, you will also be provided with health insurance as well as repatriation.



  (7) PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. Since taking care of yourself is the best way to keep yourself healthy and prevent illness, insurance includes all types of preventive programs.



  (8) ADDITIONAL BENEFITS AND SERVICES: You will enjoy other benefits and services such as video consultations, online medical chat, 24/7 medical telephone assistance, fertility treatment discounts, cryopreservation...



Alena Eremina is your insurance consultant in Spain.

Exclusive Sanitas Insurance Agent in Spain - agente exclusivo № 33165.

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  • I recommend 100%! From the first call to receiving the card itself - only positive impressions of cooperation and communication with Alena. At each stage, everything is clear, clear, 100% support and maintenance. Thank you again and good luck!

    • Anna Sviridova
  • I want to thank Alena for the most detailed information about insurance, it was unrealistic to figure it out on our own! She explained everything clearly and understandably, helped to find favorable conditions, accompanied in all matters! The best service we have come across so far! Thanks a lot!

    • Irina Andreevna
  • I turned to Alena the day before yesterday and was very surprised. Exactly in an hour she made me insurance, which was already used yesterday. And the price of insurance is generally a fairy tale. I recommend!

    • Catherine
  • I'm not insured for the first year. A competent insurance specialist, a responsive person, will always tell everything on his fingers how best to do it. Thank you!

    • Anton
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