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Life and disability insurance

The type of insurance, designated in Spanish as Seguro de vida, will be of interest to different categories of people. The attention is especially drawn to it by lonely people who want to protect themselves in case of loss of working capacity, as well as those people whose occupation is associated with increased risk. In the case when only one of the family members works and, accordingly, brings income, providing for everyone and guaranteeing the future of dependents, insurance is especially important.


Also, Seguro de vida is one of the prerequisites if you have an intention to get a mortgage loan from a bank. Your life and / or disability is insured for the amount of the loan received, and the bank becomes the beneficiary when an insured event occurs.

  The minimum age of the person in respect of whom the contract will be concluded is one year, and the maximum age is 72 years. At the end of the contract, the age of the insured must not be more than 75 years.


The policyholder must pay regular contributions until the expiration of the insurance contract or until his death. The sum insured is paid after the end of the term of the contract. Depending on the contract, the term of insurance can be from five to twenty years.


You can insure not only yourself, but also relatives and friends.


This policy is a kind of investment of your money in the future.


At the same time, you can not only accumulate money, but also increase it by a certain date.




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