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GENERALI Enfermedad y Subsidio / Illness and Disability Support



GENERALI Enfermedad y Subsidio / Illness and Disability Support - offers several guarantees for those cases when, due to illness or an accident, you have to temporarily interrupt your work activity.


At the same time, thanks to the capital that you choose for insurance, and the guarantee period, you will be able to receive compensation that covers illnesses, accidents, hospitalization, disability.


- GENERALI Profesional Baremada - in this insurance, compensation is calculated in accordance with a special scale.


  - Compensation for hospitalization - with the help of this insurance it is possible to cover the increase in costs in case you or any of your insured family members have to be hospitalized due to illness or accident.


You decide on the receipt of the insured capital and on the compensation period according to your needs.




Capital for insurance can be from 15 to 300 euros per day.


In the event of an accident, there is no time limit period.


But if temporary disability occurs in case of illness, a temporary restriction applies - the service is provided 2 months after the conclusion of the contract, for surgical intervention - after 6 months, and for pregnancy and childbirth, the service will come into force 8 months after the conclusion of the insurance contract.




Covers and guarantees of this insurance:


- Basic Warranty:


Compensation for sickness and accident.




- Additional warranties:


preoperative intervention.


Hospitalization due to illness and accident.


Death or absolute and permanent disability due to an accident.


Compensation for surgery.




Alena Eremina is your insurance consultant in Spain.

Exclusive Sanitas Insurance Agent in Spain - agente exclusivo № 33165.

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  • I turned to Alena the day before yesterday and was very surprised. Exactly in an hour she made me insurance, which was already used yesterday. And the price of insurance is generally a fairy tale. I recommend!

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